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Augusta N. Avatar
Augusta N.
I am extremely satisfied with all the help Mrs Helen Karen rendered me every step of the way. They have a good understanding of all the processes and are always receptive to my needs. The platform were very helpful. I strongly recommend this wonderful manager of mine, she perform a great work and strategy on my investment, and now I'm earning profits every week just because of Mrs. Helen Karen effort and trust, thank you madam for this opportunity of investing with your platform I'm so much grateful, please contact her for legit investment.
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Nadine B. Avatar
Nadine B.
Injured my back earlier this year and came to Dr. Seda Ozone Pain Squad and did two recommended treatments and behold the pain has completely gone away. Praise God! The team/staff are amazing. Highly recommend.
Esmeralda F. Avatar
Esmeralda F.
I injured myself in jan.2022 by lifting a heavy table at work. I got worse, I had severe sciatic nerve pain. I was not able to walk after 2 min. Had a large herniation on L5-S1 From one of my customers of my business I heard about Dr. Seda. I was fed up with taking meds. First session helped me so much, did not need anymore meds. Continued going for more sessions. By May 2023 had a repeat MRI and herniation was gone. I prayed so much for this. Thank you Dr. Seda and team. All Glory to God.
Marina G. Avatar
Marina G.
Muchas gracias doctor sedas valió la pena ir de aquí de Houston ir a su consultorio después de más de 18 años de sufrimiento se me desapareció los dolores k sentía y voy para la segunda sesión .
Hailey G. Avatar
Hailey G.
This year 2023 has already been a great blessing to me through the sincere help i got from Dr Onuwa who help me cure my Herpes Virus and also make me believe that with God all things are possible. I lost hope after all the hope I got from various Herbalists who claim to help me but they end up showing their self wrong. I will advise you to work with Dr Onuwa to sort out your health issues. He also cures Herpes, Cancer, Diabetes, HBP, Fibroids, infertility, HSV, STD and lot more.

Elliott B. Avatar
Elliott B.
I have no dough that Dr. Seda and his treatments can make difference on an anyone’s pain and discomfort. I drove by their office to make and appointment. 2nd floor Tuscany building. I was greet by two front desk ladies that gave me a card to make and appt because they don’t them face to face. Well I text the phone saying that I was at their parking because I tried to make an appointment. Yolanda reply that’s imposible that I was there because nobody told her a patient looking for an appt there. Mistake #1 you don’t tell a customer he is a lying much less an officer in the US Army. Then she added she was busy with patients, Mistake #2 you ever blame your work to others specialized another medical provider. Anyways they offer two weeks later appt. That didn’t work for me because my work schedule is very fluid. My guess is like his assistant mentioned she was busy ( which is a good thing) maybe they are to loaded of patients to have the luxury of doing their best to accommodate new patients. Congratulations on a very successful practice .
Coco S. Avatar
Coco S.
Antes se me hacía difícil doblarme y levantarme y moverme. Después de las inyecciónes he sentido mucha mejoría. Puedo hacer cosas que antes no hacía. Hoy fue mi segunda sesión y ya me bajo el dolor de un 8 a un 1. Gracias al Dr Seda y Angélica!
Amando L. Avatar
Amando L.
Cuando llegue mi dolor era 10 de 10 y no podía caminar. Mi espalda, la cadera, y la pierna no la podia dollar, con punzadas. Hoy es mi cuarta sesión y les puedo decir que ni siquiera trate nada de lo que me dolía antes porque el dolor bajo a cero.y maneje desde Houston solo sin ningún problema. Hoy solo me trate la otra cadera que era antes la buena que me dolía un poquito para eliminar todos los dolores que me quedaban. Se los recomiendo al 100%
Lety M. Avatar
Lety M.
for it to be my first time. Dr Seda n Yoli are wonderful very informative, they knew exactly what I was going thru n knew exactly what to do. Most of all it didn't hurt at all. God bless Dr Seda for his gift that God gave him.
Estela G. Avatar
Estela G.
I cam to see Dr Seda in San Antonio. I had a right shoulder pain. That resulted with more pain on my arm too. I came in and the staff was very helpful . They helped me calm down. I was treated and walked out of there feeling no pain and able to move more than i had in the past three years. I recommend that anyone that wants to be pain free and start their road to a better life cone see this Dr and his staff. Thanks you will for sure be back.
Rosalina S. Avatar
Rosalina S.
Buenas tardes. Le cuento mi gran experiencia con mi primer tratamiento de ozono. Pues le cuento k llegue con un gran problema de migraña severa y al instante de mi primera inyección mi cuerpo lo sintió inmediatamente todo los nudo de mi cuerpo se fueron aflojando inmediatamente pero lo mas impresionante fue lo k sentí en mi cabeza fue algo tan emocionante por k sentí el alivio de poder mover mi cabeza para todo lado ya no me siento mi cabeza como un balun con arroz k suena para divertir un niño. Mil gracia Docto Seda
Alex L. Avatar
Alex L.
I have lived with migraines since I was in sophomore in high school. I have been to multiple drs and have tried multiple pills and treatments. I would get 3 to 4 per week. I did just one session and my migraines have literally gone away. Best thing I have done for myself.
Dee W. Avatar
Dee W.
So my story started back in 2019. I have having lower back pain on my right side. Then I fell injuring my right knee. MRI showed I had torn my meniscus and ACL also had a tibia fracture. In April of 2020 I could no longer, stand, sit, or lay down without pain. I was unable to get out of bed without assistance for an entire year. I tried Steroid injections, medication, acupuncture, heating pads, frozen packs, gels, arnica from Mexico this actually help some for short periods. I was using a walker, chair in the shower, and adult briefs. Look guys I really thought my life was over, I was in pain 24/7. I cried all the time, prayed even harder. My family helped me every step of the way. My daughter even had a blanket made with pictures of my grandchildren on it to help me with my emotional state of being unable to hold my grand babies. I was able to wrap myself with their love. One day I ran across a testimonial on Facebook of a gentleman who arrived at his appointment using a walker and left pulling it behind him. I was intrigued, so I started watching more and more testimonials. You know how it is sometimes it’s too good to be true right? But let’s face it I was at my end of my rope not only physically but mentally and emotionally. So I decided to give it a try, I had nothing to lose at this point. I made an appointment got 16 injections and drove home in less pain than I arrived. I arrived in a walker and left with it still assisting me in walking. But after a week, I found myself smiling, yes I still had pain but it wasn’t a 10 anymore, maybe an 8. Hey that’s progress in my book. I returned the following month and drove home feeling better than I arrived, still using the walker just not relying solely on it to walk. More of being cautious, afraid of falling. After my third month, I was no longer using a walker, now I was using a cane. My pain level was down as well. I was able to drive and started helping with simple chores like washing dishes, laundry and light cooking. Listening to music felt brand new, colors were brighter and was smiling a lot more, I felt like I was coming back to life slowly but surely. Now here we are seven months later and I no longer use a cane or adult briefs, I’m cooking full meals for my whole family. I’m able to hug and hold my grandkids. I have even babysat. I feel like I have been given a second chance at life and can’t wait to see what comes next!! Oh by the way super important, I have lost 42 pounds since I started my injections, I can take short walks and I’m eating better, I also just bought an elliptical and can’t wait to start exercising and getting my life back!! Thank you so much to Dr. Seda, Mrs. Davila, and Yoli!! My entire experience thus far has been filled with compassion, professionalism and caring from everyone here at Dr. Seda’s Wellness Allegiance. I’m a believer and have full faith in Ozone therapy. Dionicia Wright
Laura M. Avatar
Laura M.
Great people definitely recommend Dr. Seda I came in for treatment on my lower right side all the way down to my leg I was very skeptical about coming but on my first visit nothing but good reviews from other patients while waiting in the waiting room and I’m so happy that I came I’m able to walk and be my happy self again but definitely worth it if ur in pain this will definitely help you
Ventu S. Avatar
Ventu S.
Antes cuando trataba de dormir no podía por mi dolor de pierna Severo. Para poder dar un paso tenía que apretarme la cadera. Ya ni siquiera podía limpiar mi propia casa. Le llegue a decir a mi hija que yo creía que no iba a volver a poder a caminar. Ahora después de las terapias de ozono con el doctor seda y Angélica puedo caminar sin dolor, dormir la noche completa Sin molestia y hasta estoy comenzando hacer ejercicios de nuevo. Muchas gracias doctor seda manejar 4 horas para verlo valió la pena.
Oralia O. Avatar
Oralia O.
He is a blessing to so many. Thank you Dr Seda and staff for helping so many people with their pains!
Angie S. Avatar
Angie S.
I can feel my right leg alive. My knee feels free! , my ankle open too. I can flex my leg
Connie S. Avatar
Connie S.
I’m absolutely happy that I found my dear Doctor Seda! He has helped me so much! I’m 75 years old. But a few years ago I was walking like a 95. I couldn’t bear my feet pain. Since I have arthritis and doctors always told me there’s no cure, I thought there’s no hope for me. But since I’m taking Dr. Seda therapy, I even forgot my feet! No more pain!!! When I have another pain, I just come back to see him, and again, no more pain! This Dr. is a blessing from heaven!!!
Beatriz M. Avatar
Beatriz M.
Bien agradecida del Dr. Seda y su tratamiento de Ozone. Y con la bendición de Dios. Llevo 6 años caminando como si tenia una pierna de Palo por culpa de una mal práctica de una reconstrucciòn de rodilla. Los Dr. después de unas larga terápia de 11 meses me dijeron que es culpa de mucho Calcio (scared tissue) me cubrió la pieza de la rodilla y no me dejaba doblar la rodilla. Luego me enteré que lo que me afectò no poder caminar bien, fue que me lastimaron mi nervio de la rodilla en la operación y por eso no podia doblar mi rodilla. Fuí a mi primera cita con el Dr. Seda y me hizo el tratamiento de Ozone y ese mismo día comenzé a doblar un poco mi rodilla fue una gran emoción sentir que estaba caminando mejor después de 6 años de cirugia. Y me di cuenta que tenia antes muchas venas varicosas y también se me han desaperecido algunas venas varicosas. Es un gran avance que he tenido con este tratamiento de Ozone y una Alegria sentir mi rodilla y poder caminar mejor. Gracias al Dr. Seda y el bello personal que trabajan alli. Son muy amable y son personas muy profesional.
Ramona A. Avatar
Ramona A.
muy bien atendida muchas Gracias.. muchas bendiciones..
Norma A. Avatar
Norma A.
Cuando estaba con demasiado dolor pude manifestar por medio de Dios que el dr seda apareciera en mi vida y me dije si este dr es capaz de quitar mi dolor le besare los pies como parte de mi agradecimiento,cosa que no permitió . Le doy gracias al Dr seda y a Dios por obrar en su persona . Dr seda es una bellísima humilde , persona con un gran corazón que con un poco de todo intension .inyecciones .energía motivación hace que salgas de ese lugar sin dolor y con una perspectiva sobre el dolor diferente . definitivamente lo recomiendo. Gracias dr seda volveré a verle por que lo único que me duele son las áreas que no me inyecto . De ahí en fuera cada una de las 8 inyecciones lograron su propósito tenía años que no podía estirarme por miedo a quedar acalambrada
Y ya por fin pude estirarme por la mañana y sentir bien Rico 😋
Rosa G. Avatar
Rosa G.
Muy buena experiencia me voy contentísima con un gran alivio sin dolor gracias Dr Seda
Jennifer H. Avatar
Jennifer H.
I am able to feel relief from the tightness in my legs and shoulders. I’m feeling 10 years younger !! Thank you Dr!! The office staff is wonderful 😊😊😊
Donaldo B. Avatar
Donaldo B.
Gracias Doctor Seda por ayudarme con mi dolor en la espalda, y vamos por más, les recomiendo el tratamiento de Ozono antes de hacerse una operación.
Hilda S. Avatar
Hilda S.
El Dr Seda tiene el mejor tratamiento para quitar el dolor que causa la ciática y otros tipos de dolor en espalda, piernas, cuello, hombros y brazos, estoy muy agradecida por atenderme y quitarme la ciática, eso me esta provocando mucho dolor todo el tiempo en mi espalda baja, y toda mi pierna derecha, a causa de ese dolor tuve 5 caidas y me lastime aun más, pero ahora gracias al tratamiento que me esta dando el Doctor Seda ya no tengo dolor, se los recomiendo mucho.
Araceli D. Avatar
Araceli D.
Muchas gracias Dr. Seda, mi vida ha cambiado mucho desde que tomé la terapia, ya puedo hacer muchas cosas cotidianas sin sentir dolor, el sólo hecho de levantarme cada mañana sin dolor ni cansancio es una ganancia ENORME. Que Dios los llene de Bendiciones siempre a usted y su equipo, muy amables todos ❤❤❤❤
I B. Avatar
I B.
I came for treatment for some severe shoulder pain on my right arm. I received ozone therapy and the difference in my shoulder pain was amazing! I recommend Dr Seda’s treatment to anyone looking for a solution to pain that does not involve surgery. You won’t regret it!!!
Julio G. Avatar
Julio G.
Por años he padecido de dolores de espalda y visto muchos doctores me dijeron que necesita va a cirugía. Hoy dime por primera vez con el doctor Seda y ya siento mejoría. Ya me siento que dolor me bajo de un 10 a un 5 De la primera cita. Ya yo había tenido esta terapia en matamoros y me quito el dolor de las manos. La recomiendo a aquellos que quieren eliminar el dolor.
MrsRozier Avatar
Dr Seda is great! I first saw him about 3 years ago when I rarely left my house due to pain. But with ozone I'm able to get out more. My recovery time after activities is less. Better than ANY pain management doc I've ever been to.
Chris B. Avatar
Chris B.
I had the ozone injections for sciatic nerve pain about 1 1/2 years ago and I’m still pain free. Dr. Seda is very professional and personable.
Paul G. Avatar
Paul G.
Doctor Seda, you have revolutionized my life. Between all the nutritional education and the Ozone shots, I have natural and young strength, again. Thank's to you, now I don't need surgery on my knees or hips anytime soon. As an athletic coach and athlete I recommend Doctor Sedas health strategy and surgery alternatives for you're well being! Thanks Dr Seda!!
Lorena Z. Avatar
Lorena Z.
Just got out of office and my husband arm already going up when it’s been months that he couldn’t pick it up because of his shoulder pain! Thank u so much it was fun interacting while getting my husband getting fixed lol he definitely recommends him! Great customer service thank you so much!!!
Yolanda V. Avatar
Yolanda V.
I had great results with this therapy. I had a cranial injury. Dr Seda helped me with neck pain and headaches.
Samuel T. Avatar
Samuel T.
Awesome no pain. Check him out.
Antonio S. Avatar
Antonio S.
Antes no podía ni caminar ni trabajar por el dolor por 2 años. Después de casi agotar mis ahorros en tratamientos que no funcionaron. Encontré el Dr Seda y me puse el tratamiento de ozonoterapia en mis rodillas. Hoy no tengo dolor y ya estoy de nuevo en el trabajo a tiempo completo. Traje a mi hermano y el también se puso el tratamiento. Hasta hoy los dos estamos bien y vamos con el cuando nos lastimamos. Lo recomiendo sin reservas.
Emmanuel A. Avatar
Emmanuel A.
Thank you Dr. Seda for helping me with my back, neck, and knees. The ozone injections took away my pain. I had knee pain for a long time. And I'm young so I didn't think I should be having knee pain. Dr. Seda explained why I had that pain and how ozone could help me. After the ozone injections, I no longer have the pain that I had. It was the same with my back and neck. I had this pinched nerve kind of feeling in my neck as well as muscle spasms in my neck and back. Dr Seda injected my back with Ozone. The pain has significantly decreased. Thank you Dr. Seda!
10x C. Avatar
10x C.
just amazing what Dr Seda does just a quick consultation changes lives
Lucy P. Avatar
Lucy P.
Yo traje a mi mamá con dolor de rodilla y problemas para caminar. Desde que tuvo la primera sección de Ozono tuvo un mejoramiento impresionante, camina mucho mejor, sin dolor y sin miedo a caerse al punto que me preguntaba cuando es la próxima cita con Dr. Seda. Hoy está en su segunda sección y a ansiosa por los resultados. Gracias Dr. Seda! .
Rosa B. Avatar
Rosa B.
Conozco al Dr. Seda personalmente. Responsable, informado, educado clínicamente. En su vida familiar; noble y amoroso. En su creatividad inigualable. Ya muchos de usted han experimentado su diversidad y creatividad.Yo también y me encanta. Me encanta su apertura en temas médicos. Qué más puedo decir. Lo amo como médico y como persona. Pruébenlo. No los va a decepcionar.
Sonia M. Avatar
Sonia M.
had been dealing with knee pain and it wasn't until I had an accident and hurt my shoulder that I decided to go see him got appointment for next day by that time my arm had swollen up he pinpoint several places in my arm where tendons were balked up got ozone shots for that and my knee pain is gone now thank you Dr.Seda
Iliana M. Avatar
Iliana M.
Awesome service Great Doctor explains everything very detailed. Blessed to have found hiim. Very little pain but nothing you can't handle.Highly recommended.💯💯💯💯
Blanca G. Avatar
Blanca G.
This past Tuesday May 26Th I was treated with the Ozone shots by Dr Seda for my lower back pain, and I can say now that I haven't felt any pain in my lower bak and feel great, thanks a lot Dr Seda!
Angie S. Avatar
Angie S.
First for me, he's Christian and all the Glory goes to God, and He guides his hands to find the right spot. I have been going for chronic pain, all over, fibromyalgia, sciatic, gracilis pain. the first time he worked on my tensor fascia latte, the lateral side of my left upper leg. OMG, I felt it disappearing, then we went to my right ankle that feels numb, and there it goes, I could feel opening a road, I could feel my foot! other that was also preventing me from working was my back, upper and lower, he did pelvis area and same, not that all the pain is gone like magic, there are some areas still needing care, and the way, position, I sleep, walk, sit, etc, if I keep making the same mistakes, the pain will come back. but then we dare to try my upper back a new way and he got it right away, I could straighten up, no more walking like a hunchback. Like I said, the way we position ourselves has much to do, I haven't been to sleep on my left side for ages, shoulder and hip especially. I'm a medical massage therapist but can't work on myself on the back especially. So I went again last Wednesday and yes, I went home driving with my right side only, it was painful for a while but some shots I didn't even feel. If you have pain and they touch you, you are going to feel it, so, he's good, and my pain by the time I went to sleep on purpose on my left side, was GONE! It frustrates me that I explain the physical therapist, the foot doctor, and all what I need, because my body knows what I need, and they give me what they think I need. I'm allergic to stubborn wrong people. Oh, and my insurance pays for it, so check with yours,
Ismael I. Avatar
Ismael I.
hola soy un pasiente del dr Seda cuando vine x primera ves vine vien malo de los tendones y ala segunda sita ya centi un alivio les recomiendo al dr Seda es muy buen doctor grasias dr seda
Esperanza B. Avatar
Esperanza B.
I saw Dr Seda today I was having
Sciatic pain had a treatment done
It was not that uncomfortable or painful,but started feeling better
Walked out with some of the pain gone and a little sore,I would highly
Recommend Dr Seda.
Thank you Dr Seda n Yolanda
See you back soon..
Angelica M. Avatar
Angelica M.
Me ayudado mucho ahora si puedo caminar más sin dolor
Martha V. Avatar
Martha V.
El doctor Seda es una persona muy amable es una eminencia para el dolor . Yo fui porque ya podía caminar después de varias inyecciones de esteroides el la espalda y no me dieron buenos resultados fui con el Doc Seda tengo tres terapias de inyecciones de Ozono y estoy aliviada no tengo más dolor lo recomiendo ampliamente es un doc excelente y es muy amable
Esmeralda Z. Avatar
Esmeralda Z.
Dr Seda is amazing! He helped me with my migraines and I will be going back for help with keto!