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Therapy FAQs

The 12 Most Common Questions

Are the results only temporary or permanent?

The purpose is to repair the affected area. When we finish treating an area (typically 3-5 sessions) we see how the inflammation goes down, the knots relax, the pain tends to go away and strength is recovered in the vast majority of cases. You do not have to continue treatment of the same area for life or anything similar.

Can you help me even if I have tried everything, including surgery, and it didn't work?

Yes, since the only treatment we have seen that eliminates knots is to inject ozone (activated oxygen) directly into them. On the other hand, other treatments tend to be temporary and when someone is operated on, scars are created that affect movement and pain. Surgeons usually do not check for muscle knots or myofascial problems before operating. We evaluate this and also inject the scarred area to free it.

Can I receive ozone injections after having received steroid (cortisone) injections?

Yes, ozone is activated oxygen and does not interact with medications or other therapies.

Do you accept health insurance?

We would accept health insurance, if they would pay for the therapy. But they prefer to pay for harmful medications and botched surgeries that cost a lot. Who understands them? The only one who wants to cover it is Gonzaba Medical Group in San Antonio if you have the Medicare Advantage plan with them. If you are with Gonzaba, let us know so we know if you qualify.

Where are you located?

We are in San Antonio, Texas, USA. 115 N. Loop 1604 E. Suite 1203. (2nd Floor), San Antonio, TX 78232


How long do you have to wait for a second session?

It could be done as soon as 2-3 days later. The difficult thing is finding available spaces. We are striving to be able to see more patients. We receive a very high volume of patients and calls and sometimes it is not easy to accommodate someone quickly, but we try as much as possible. We are also opening on some Fridays and Saturdays for patient convenience.

How much does therapy cost?

Usually, the first session involves 12-16 injections to cover the different muscle knots contributing to the pain. The cost is approximately $550-$750 for the injections, including the first consultation.

I come from another state or country, how would I receive therapy?

The ideal is that they come and we can treat them both on Monday and Thursday of the same week, or on a Thursday and Monday of the next. This way you can have at least 2 sessions and greatly improve the result. In between, ozonated serum therapies can be done for those who wish.

Do you have a clinic elsewhere?

Patients travel from all over the US, MX, PR and other countries to see us here. San Antonio is very beautiful to visit and take advantage of the trip. Here is The Alamo, The Riverwalk, Sea World and Six Flags, among others.

Do you have to make an appointment?

Yes, we are very full, but spaces always appear. Don’t lose faith, we will help you as soon as possible.

Is this a magical treatment and will all my pain from the first session go away?

No, this is to repair, even if it has hurt for decades, but it is a process. Although the vast majority report dramatic improvement the first time, we are not all the same, and depending on how much damage there is and how quickly your body repairs, will determine how quickly the pain goes away. If you continue to eat a lot of sugar and foods made from wheat and highly processed foods, it will be harder for your body to repair the damage.

Is Doctor Seda the one who is going to inject me?

At the clinic we are a team of 4 ozone therapists trained in the “Silk Protocol” and specialized in eliminating pain with ozone injections called activated oxygen (Ozone Pain Specialists). Both Dr. Seda and the other three ozone therapists, Miranda Caquías NP, OPS, and Yolanda Vega, OPS, Aslhey Hamilton, OPS, see patients one by one following the order of the itinerary and sometimes it will be Dr. Seda’s turn and sometimes not. The results with all 4 are identical, since they follow the exact same protocol. Still, Dr. Seda tries to get to know all new patients and follow-ups, especially if they ask to meet him or take a photo with him.

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