Support for immune system function, respiratory health, detoxification and cardiac function.


  • Enhances glutathione production
  • Provides mucolytic and antioxidant action
  • Promotes homocysteine metabolism
  • Supports healthy lung tissue
  • Promotes respiratory and immune health
  • Supports heavy metal detoxification

Specific components of the immune system rely on NAC to function properly. NAC supports respiratory and immune health by promoting normal mucus viscosity. When mucus thickens, it can become hard to expel. Because of its sulfur content, NAC is able to disrupt disulfide bonds, thinning the mucus so that mucus, together with any trapped bacteria and particles, are more easily expelled from the lungs. It also helps with the rebuilding of lung tissue.

NAC plays a key role in phase II detoxification. It is a precursor of the intracellular antioxidant glutathione. Due to its function of enhancing glutathione production and utilization, NAC is recognized as an effective means of increasing circulating levels of glutathione in the body.

NAC supports heavy metal detoxification. Several animal studies found that NAC administration may help to reduce mercury and cadmium accumulation in the kidneys and liver and/ or to moderate the effects of these metals in these tissues.

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