About Dr. Seda

"My passion is to lead motivated patients to Restore their Bodies to an Optimal State so they can Realize God's purpose"​​
Health is the most valuable thing you need to have a fulfilling Life (besides God). Without health, you can’t be there for your loved ones or fulfill your purpose. It’s hard to have Peace of mind with the uncertainty of what your future health status will be. Without health we can’t be as productive or effective, we are not the best version of ourselves. What good is money for without health?

I was a patient myself, taking several medications but suffering multiple medical issues without answers. Since I’ve learned the way of Reversing all my illnesses, I have helped thousands of patients and now I want to help you achieve the same results.

“I believe that by treating those root causes in the safest way possible, your body can heal from most illnesses. It’s not about your age it’s about how you feel and now you can feel great at any age! I can help you reprogram your genes, activating genes of longevity and health and deactivating genes of illness. God’s greatest creation is the Human Body, and he gave us one of those for free, how are you taking care of it? Are you investing enough on your Temple? We know that where you spend your time and money has everything to do with your priorities in life. If health is the most important thing, how much time and money are you investing in your health?
People are busy and finances are limited, so we have to discern properly to make right choices.

I am committed to being a partner and together we can resolve your issues. I am just the instrument he is using, I am the glove but he is the Hand.
  • Wellness Physician/Preventive/Integrative/Functional/Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine at Gonzaba Medical Group 
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine
  • Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Ozone Therapy and Prolozone Therapy Certified
  • Certified Hormone Pellet injector
  • Nutraceutical Formulator
  • Author: Lipoma chapter, The 5-Minute Clinical Consult, 2011 and 2012, with Dr Richard Usatine.
  • Co-Founder of Peak Transformation Wellness Programs
  • Creator of the Medicinal Diet (in process)
  • Specialties areas: 
  • Family Medicine,
  • Functional Medicine,
  • Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine,
  • Advanced Preventive Medicine,
  • Metabolic Medicine,
  • Integrative Medicine
The Incredible Inspirational Story
I had never told you ... When I was a Captain in the Army after intense training, my back, neck and head aches were so severe that I could not carry my newborn baby for more than a few minutes. The pain was so frustrating that it gave me fists in the neck to receive some relief. After an MRI they found something that only happens in 1 in 2,000,000 people. The Herniated T7 Disc, which was compressing my spinal cord that was inoperable because of its location. My pain did not respond to any physical therapy, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, electricity, massages and My Orthopedic Surgeon in the Army gave me no options other than Motrin 800mg 3 times a day and steroid / cortisone injections in my spine. Therefore, instead of giving me an Honorable Discharge from the Army they gave me a Profile or Medical excuse that they call the "Dead Man Profile" or "Dead Man Excuse" since I couldn't do any pushup, situp and even walk the 2 miles without backpack. After learning Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, I discovered that I had a Severe Magnesium Deficiency. When he started taking Magnesium Malate / Glycinate 750mg for 3 weeks I felt an improvement of 50%, After the Airrosti therapy I gained another 20%. But every day it hurt and they gave me exacerbations that the pain was 9/10. I kept investigating if there was someone in the world who had reversed my condition, that's where I found ozone therapy. Now after treating myself with ozone therapy, I started doing Parkour and America Ninja. My last MRI says that "THERE IS NO INHERITATION IN DISK T7, NO COMPRESSION OF THE CORD." Apart from ozone therapy they also prayed to me in the name of Jesus, which helped me immediately. I have seen multiple miracles in the name of Jesus so I cannot tell you if it was the Ozone or Jesus or both, (most likely). Do not give up or lose hope! If I did it, everyone can do it. Then I tell the story of my destroyed knee that heals 100% !!