Testosterone Pellet
  1. Paulette
    I have done 3 rounds of Testosterone Pellets. It's like the lights come on in your world! Paulette
  2. Janet
    I am sleeping better. I have more energy. I am exercising now! I am happy and satisfied! Janet
  3. Stella
    After the pellets I am more focused. I have more energy. I have started dancing again!
They tell us it's depression and it's treated with drugs. But what if it's just low testosterone? I have seen that so many times, all the symptoms were due to a hormone deficiency. This happens in both men and women.
The labs that need to be checked are total and free testosterone, estradiol and in women progesterone also.
The problem is that the labs may show supposedly normal even though we know it's low for that person and causing all the symptoms. Just to give you an idea, the supposedly normal range of testosterone in men, in some labs is from 250 to 1100. We know that a lot of men feel very symptomatic already at the 500 or below range but are told is normal. On the other hand, women are either told that they don't need to check their hormones or they check them and tell them they are normal, even though they're not optimal at all and are causing the symptoms.
We need to get educated. Of all the methods of administering testosterone the most consistent and sustained is the pellets.

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Nos dicen que es depresión y que se trata con drogas. ¿Qué pasa si es solo baja testosterona? He visto que muchas veces, todos los síntomas se debieron a una deficiencia hormonal. Esto sucede tanto en hombres como en mujeres.
Los laboratorios que deben revisarse son: testosterona total y libre, estradiol y también en mujeres progesterona.
El problema es que los laboratorios pueden parecer supuestamente normales, aunque sabemos que son bajos para esa persona y que causan todos los síntomas. Solo para darle una idea, el rango supuestamente normal de testosterona en los hombres, en algunos laboratorios es de 250 a 1100. Sabemos que muchos hombres se sienten muy sintomáticos ya en el rango de 500 o menos, pero se les dice que es normal. Por otro lado, a las mujeres se les dice que no necesitan controlar sus hormonas o las chequean y les dicen que son normales, a pesar de que no son óptimas y están causando los síntomas.

Necesitamos educarnos. De todos los métodos de administración de testosterona, el más consistente y sostenido son los pellets.

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