There Is Hope
for Headaches and Neck Pain
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  1. Cindy
    Lower Back Pain ✅ Gone, Upper Back Pain and Neck Pain ✅ Gone, Hip Pain ✅ Gone. Today we Injected Ozone on the calves for.her ankle pains.
  2. Esmi
    After 3 days of Severe Migraine and failing every treatment, it Disappeared in minutes after ozone injections! Also one year of neck pain went away after this first treatment.
  3. Natalie
    Migraine Disappeared Live, After 12 days of suffering. Laredo, TX
[Ozone therapy of migraine].

Application of ozone therapy was based on the notions of a significant role of lipid peroxidation in the pathogenesis of migraine attacks. A therapy was performed in form of intravenous infusions of the ozonized physiologic solutions with ozone, concentration 1200 micrograms/l; a therapy course included 8-9 procedures. 68 patients with migraine attacks, followed by the pronounced autonomic changes, that developed in the frequency range from 5-6 times a year to 2-3 times a week were examined. 40 patients formed a study group and 28 individuals control one (in a control group the physiologic solution was used without ozone). The intensity of a headache, the expression of an anxiety, the state of the vessels of the brain and some biochemical indices were determined. Positive dynamics of the disease was 25% higher in the study group than made up a those in the controls (p < 0.05). In 58% of the patients the attacks were absent during 3-5 months after ozone therapy; less intensity of headache was observed after their relapse. Improvements in the patients coincides with changes in biochemical parameters.



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